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Local heritage book Bärwalde (Kreis Neustettin)

Bärwalde was a small city in the western part of the county of Neustettin. The neighboring villages, going clockwise, were Wusterhanse, Alt Valm, Osterfelde, Grabunz, Alt Priebkow and Lucknitz.

Bärwalde belonged to the Duchy of Pomerania as of 1477. From 1523 on it was the shared possession of the so called 'four noble families' (von Glasenapp, Wolde, Zastrow and Münchow). Bärwalde made its living in the 18th century from its production of cloth and serge, as well as from agriculture. The clothmaking craft came to an end in the 19th century and was then replaced by the dyeing and printing of textiles.

In the 19th century Bärwalde was noted for its many potters. Some families stayed only a few years and for this reason genealogists can consider Bärwalde a possible place to check for unexpected information.

A few numbers showing the development of population:
year population
1742 472
1816 804
1880 2402
1939 3400

This online local history databank should serve not only to make information more easily available to family researchers and those investigating the history of Pomerania, but also as a modest, interactive memorial for the many communities in the former eastern provinces of Germany, which little by little are fading from memory (with the passing of its former inhabitants).

For any improvements, corrections and especially additions to this online local history databank for Bärwalde, I am always very thankful. Finally, I thank the state archives of Leipzig, the local history room for Kreis Neustettin, and many, many other family researchers and helpers who have supported me with their great efforts.

It should be mentioned here that much information is simply not available, either due to the loss of original sources or because it's inaccessible. In spite of this, it makes sense over the long term to undertake an online local history databank.

Remarks / sources:

The situation regarding historical sources for Bärwalde is quite problematic and therefore there are many individual entries. The civil records (Standesamtregister) could unfortunately not be considered, as these are not yet readily available.

sources used:

  • The one remaining parish register, containing:
    baptisms 1834-1843
    marriages 1834-1853
    burials 1834-1850 and
    confirmations 1834-1858.
  • Publications of the 'Pomeranian Griffin' (historical association)
  • Sedina-Archiv (quarterly genealogical magazine for the area)
  • Neustettiner Kreisblatt 1862-1866 (19th century newspaper)
  • Contributions of other genealogists
  • Local history room for Kreis Neustettin (in Eutin)
  • Chance discoveries in the churchbooks of neighboring places
  • Address books for 1927 and 1933
  • "The Lutheran Pastors of Pomerania" (book, published 1910)

Translated by Christopher Wolter

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For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
André Marten

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