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Local heritage book of Sargstedt

Sargstedt is located in the northern Harz foreland, approximately 3 kilometres northwest of Halberstadt, directly on the south side of the Huys, in the district of Harz, Saxony-Anhalt. Approximately 630 inhabitants live in the small village.

Sargstedt was first mentioned in a document in 1084. On 1st November 1084, the foundation charter was granted by Bishop Burghardt II, under the name "Serkstide" at that time. Later variations of the name included "Serkstide" (1250), "Serkestedte" (1288), "Sarxstedte" (1483), or "Sarckstedt" (1726). Since 1787, the name has been "Sargstedt."

In 1113, followers of Heinrich V devastated the village of Sargstedt, which was under the jurisdiction of the Count of Regenstein from 1353 to 1358. After the Reformation, the farming settlement of Sargstedt developed into a village. The affairs of the village were managed by a Schulze. He was usually supported by 7 "jurors" who had to take an oath of service before the church. Only a "neighbouring resident" could become a "juror."
Sargstedt was severely destroyed during the 30 Years' War (1618-1648). As a reminder for future generations, a lime tree (peace lime tree) was planted. Over time, this tree succumbed to storms and bad weather, necessitating the planting of a new lime tree in 1995.

In 1806, the area around the Huy was occupied by the French. For a short time, Sargstedt belonged to the Kingdom of Westphalia, which was ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte's brother Jerome Napoleon. In the following years, Sargstedt developed into a prosperous village. The new church, built in 1835, stands as a symbol of this prosperity. The Holzberg School was inaugurated in 1860. From 1895, Sargstedt belonged to the Kingdom of Prussia.

From 1932 to 1952, the village belonged to the district of Wernigerode. In 1949, Sargstedt was connected to the central water supply. Since 1952, Sargstedt has once again belonged to the district of Halberstadt.
The school in Sargstedt was closed in 1972. From that time on, the children attended a school in the Sargstedt housing estate in the north of Halberstadt.

Sargstedt received its coat of arms in 1984.

In 1996, Sargstedt became part of the administrative community "Harzvorland-Huy," which had its seat in Ströbeck.
Since the municipal area reform of 2010, Sargstedt has been a district of Halberstadt.

Since 2023, there has finally been a 3-kilometre cycle path between Sargstedt and Halberstadt.
You can find more information about Sargstedt on the internet. The spelling of surnames changed over time, and surnames in neighbouring villages were also written differently, e.g., Schmädig - Schmedig, Kiene - Künne - Kühne, Vesterling - Fösterling - Försterling.

This local family book is intended to be a research aid. It is not a binding document. Contents, include: Baptisms (1660 - 1899), Deaths (1680 - 1899), and Marriages (1660 - 1899).

In accordance with the terms of use, here is the link to the Catholic church records:

I would be very pleased to receive any comments or additions. Good luck with your reading.
Werner Reimer

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