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Local heritage book of Tevel

Tevel (German Tewel) is a municipality in Tolna County (German Tolnau) in Hungary.

The area was first settled in 4000 BC proven (Lengyel culture). Approx.600 years BC Celts settled here, and Romans from the 4th century onwards.

From 896 began under the Grand Duke Árpád (around 845 to around 907) the land grabbing of the Magyars in today's Hungary. His great-great-grandson Stephan I (Hungarian István I) (969-1038) was the first king of Hungary. A grandson of Árpád, the tribal prince Teveli, settled with his clan Tevel before 1000 and gave the village its name.

In 1193 the place names Tevel and the neighboring village Kovácsi (German Kowatsch) are mentioned for the first time in a document.

The period of the Ortsfamilienbuch (OFB) begins in 1712 with the immigration of German settlers of the Roman Catholic faith after the depopulation caused by the Turkish wars. A first baptismal entry can be found this year in the Szekszard baptismal register. After the building of its own church, Tevel had its own church register from 1715. The first church books from Tevel are unfortunately only available from 1742. An attempt was made to bridge the missing dates of birth with entries from the marriage and death registers.

The history of Tevel as a German village ended after the Second World War with the expulsion of the Germans.

The book by Johann Eppel ("Two and a half centuries of local Swabian history in Hungary 1701-1948", published by the Heimatgemeinschaft der Teveler eV Eppingen / BRD, Budapest 1988) is recommended as further reading.

Data material:

The data were collected by Dr. Karl-Heinz Breitenbach. Most of them come from copies of the Tevel church registers. Since it was soon not possible to subsequently link people with a stock of almost 30,000 people, this was done automatically on the basis of at least three of four existing names - two surnames and two first names - for married couples and parents. It is therefore pointed out that a certain error rate is to be expected due to the methodology.

The OFB Tevel can be used as an aid for family research. However, the data should be compared with the parish registers or registry office registers that are available on (free access after registration) and on (for a fee).

Mathias Streicher (member of MACSE)

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For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Mathias Streicher